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SRZ radiator

According to the heat release capacity, SRZ radiator can be divided into three types: large (d), medium (z) and small (x).
The fin tubes of radiators are made of medium 21 × 21nm special seam steel tubes, which are made of 1215 ×, 0.5mm folded steel strips, and are in spiral shape. Among them, there are three kinds of fin tubes: 5mm - large "d", 6mm - medium "Z", 8mm - small "X", with a total of 38 specifications.
Example of model and specification: the model and specification of SRZ spiral fin radiator are represented by two groups of numbers and Chinese Pinyin letters.
Group: its model is indicated by three letters. S (loose), R (winding), 2 (Series code).
The second group: used to indicate the specifications of the radiator. The front number indicates the decimeter number of the length and width of the normal section of the radiator under ventilation (the two numbers are separated by "×"). The type is represented by phonetic alphabet.
Example: srz-1510d. That is to say, it represents a SRZ type wound plate radiator, the length of its ventilation cross section is 1505mm, the width is 1001mm, large, and the sheet spacing is 5mm.